Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Up all night?

I was emailed by a friend yesterday who was marvelling at my keenness and commitment to blog daily at odd hours. I checked the time on the posted blogs...nooooooooo, that is not me at those hours, that's the joy of the intergalactic airwaves and the fact that the posts are dated for the US timezone.
I actually wish I was over in some cold spot at the moment...3 am hot flushes and night sweats would be more bearable in a cold climate. I have the airconditioner permanently set on 'menopause' (the coldest setting, highest fan!) and to top it off I am of course working with pure wool fabrics for my Art to Wear. Perhaps I could have thought that one through a bit better.
After the end of this month I am planning to post images as well as have some sort of interactive forum for all my fellow bloggers and discussing techniques and processes of textile play.
Tell me what you think of the idea. Just go back to the main page and email me via Contact Anne and if you could put "Interactive Forum" in the subject line, I will get an idea of how many of you are interested in the concept.
Now I must stop procrastinating and finish off all my samples for the overlocker/serger article.
Too many things happening at once, yet again!

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