Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Electrifying!

What a storm last night! I thought it was exploding over our house at times and then we had horizontal rain. Our little Silky Australian terrier is a sook at the best of times but she was almost convulsing with terror last night, and I was truly scared at times.
I was sewing when it started and with a great big "bang", our power went out and returned some time in the small hours of this morning. Dinner (which I had thrown in the crockpot) was again by candlelight and I spilt a glass of red wine over the new book I was reading with one of the thunderclaps.
We have part of our neighbour's liquid amber over our lawn and driveway, and limbs of trees strewn allover the yard...cleanup day today.
My son pulled all the power leads out of computers andI think we are all OK on the communication score.
Let's hope it is not 3 nights in a row

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