Saturday, March 7, 2009

Long Tomorrows

I tried getting back to blogging the day I said I would: I had some issues with connectivity for a reason seemingly only known to my computer. I did as I always do and pushed every button to get it working as it should, and then, 'bingo' I had a computer again...hate them when something goes 'wrong' or I just don't understand the problem. $*&$&@*@()!!!!!! When I get a few spare minutes, I will look at getting this one to the computer doctor.
I am developing a new way of presenting any of my new e-books them: it's in the pipeline. The current books are fine but will be reviewed and updated as the new ones come on board. More work than my fat quarters need at the machine or computer, but about time I pushed the boundaries of my art.
Watch this space.

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