Monday, October 20, 2008

Missing in Action--longish

I arrived home after a visit to Birmingham (England, not Alabama), staying at the Barton's Arms, a great pub near Aston Villa. The Aussie couple who have been managing (my former next door neighbour's son/my children's occasional babysitter and his wife and 5 month old baby) are heading back home a week after me, so I was glad to get some time with the baby-Riley- before the Grannies were on the scene
On my way home I stopped in Singapore for 2 nights at a brand new hotel, Hotel Re, at the back of Chinatown. Fantastic hotel if a little away from lots of stuff, but taxis are really cheap and efficient.
I had a Javanese massage at the hotel to try and get some of the travelling kinks out of the way...I hurt as I was being massaged but felt great, went out to have a laksa and then slept like a top until 3 am...must have watched the BBC news talking about the economic meltdown until I fell asleep again until 11am which is when Singapore seems to wake up. Caught a glimpse of myself to realize I was wielding serious Javanese bruises!!!!!!!!!!!
Try explaining that to your hubby before you arrive home...forewarning +++.
Got back to the Blue Mountains and hit the decks, trying to hide from everyone and everything for a while as I tried to get over whatever it was I have had on the road: at this stage, I still do not know what made me so sick. I have lost over 10kg (22lb) at least and everyone has commented since my return: so many so that I started to worry that I must have lost more than I thought and had to advise that I do not have any sinister disease!
My husband is leaving work after 26 years and we are going to India and Sri Lanka for 6 weeks from mid November until the end of December (avoiding Christmas)...of course, he had not really done anything while I was away, so we have been frantically getting visas and some accommodation sorted...another reason I have been recalcitrant. And cranky with the S.O.
For those of you after the free pattern...give me a little time while I work out what is happening with the web gurus now that we are all on the same continent and accept my apologies in the meantime

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another day, another airport

So sorry not to be able to post between the US and Frankfurt airport where I am in transit to Singapore.
England was wonderful again, staying with friends in Birmingham at the "Bartons Arms", a turn of the century pub that has spectacular gas lights and amazing tiles as well as great Thai food and fabulous beer...too good to pass up.
Have been busy playing with my former neighbours new baby and investigating the jewellr yquarter as well as a great jewellry gallery with lots of artisans work ...brought a few "samples with me.
If my battery was not going to die soon, I would keep on talking, will chat again in sultry Singapore