Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been nose down today making overlocker/serger stitch samples for an article coming up in Machine Embroidery and Textile Art later this year. Those of you who are not real overlocker buffs can sympathise that I am re-creating every basic stitch that I have written about (all 5,4,3,2 thread stitches as well as all forms of Coverstitch). Believe me when I say I am sick of both being at my overlocker all day and secondly, changing stitches and needles etc.,...and I do this for a living!
However, I will say that it is good to get back into some real work at last, even if it is to do all the bread-and-butter stitches which are the foundation of all my creations. My mind started wandering to play ideas and I only lapsed into decorative wotk for about a thousand metres of stitching.
Will let you know the issue when it comes out, but off to finish a little more.
BTW, I am already starting to get sign ups for my newsletter...and I thought I was going to be slowing down a bit. Apparently not.

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