Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back on Track

Sorry I have not been on the intergalactic airwaves recently.
I think it has just taken me a lot longer to get over surgery, travel and my Mum's death and funeral than I thought. It has been a jam packed end of last year as well as beginning of this year already, however....yes, there's more in store.
I have been hatching up some new e-books with my computer gurus, some new ideas and other things guaranteed to keep me firmly on my backside (fat quarters converting to half acres!!!!!!!!!!) for the next 'while'. That's what you say when you don't know how long all this is going to take!
I am busy finishing off my garment for Art to Wear for June: pre-event photography means everything has to be finished by the end of this month which means my fat quarters are firmly entrenched on my sewing chair. Theme is 'Black and White', elegance and sophistication. My brain has been bursting at the seams with ideas. I need a wife.
Back to work, will talk tomorrow...promise!

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