Sunday, March 8, 2009


If anyone is suffering high humidity, put it down to me! My days have been evaporating so fast that I am left high and dry wondering just where they all went.
A quick trip to the doctor had me spending the rest of the day having X-rays and making appointments for scans: my right shoulder (? now X-rated??)has been v.v.sore since I fell over on tram tracks in Melbourne and seeing I am right handed, it has been a real problem trying to "rest" it...HAHAHA, how do you do that in my line of work. Of course, the up side is I can't do the washing or hang it out.
I have also been trying to get up to scratch with my new ideas so I need another 48 hours in the week in addition to a wife or perhaps 2. I will be starting a regular newsletter, and as I do not want to aggravate the heck out of people, I am asking for you to sign up for it. And, no, I will not be selling or sharing your address with anyone, as I hate that invasion on my privacy myself!
Hope to hear from you soon

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