Thursday, January 28, 2010

Travel with me

Have been marking time this week, getting lots of goodies ready for my teaching stint in Victoria (Aus) in February. I have 8 out of 9 days in a row in and around Hall's Gap. Check it out (Where's Anne and click on the link) as I think there are still a few spots left in some classes.
Am looking forward to my meandering drive south, via some of my favourite places...the organic licorice/chocolate factory (Green Grove) in Junee, staying and playing with a friend in Wagga Wagga, organic bakery in Uranquinty, lunch with my cousin in Talgarno, via Wangaratta and wineries/cheeseries/olive groves, overnighting somewhere rural, always fun in those small country towns and then meandering down to the Grampians and Hall's Gap.
Check out Google maps if you want to have a metaphoric journey with me. Yes, I know it's 3 weeks off, but I really love going bush.
Am back to my packing and preparing goodies...a ton of work, believe me! But worth the time investment for the outcomes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little bugs

When I had 330 emails in my spam folder (from the same Viagra seller!) the other day, I decided blogging and working at the computer was not a great option! I suspect it was my fault, going to reply to what I thought was a known address...who knows? I keep saying if it was a sewing machine or overlocker I could sort it.
My computer has been sick with a virus and has had computer medication but I think it still has a malingering bug.
Some emails addressed to me at are reading as gibberish, so if you have signed up to my newsletter I might not have picked up the email. In that instance, try emailing me at
Will have to talk to my computer gurus again about this...but I tried to make my deadline for blogging!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year

First and belatedly foremost, a Happy New Year to you all.
Is it really January 12th already?
I never make resolutions, because when I used to, I did as I do in life & try to do too much, disappointing everyone but namely myself.
So, the infrequent blogger is going to try and blog a couple of times a week (is that safe??).
I have had the pleasure of seeing my friend Judith from the US for a short time while she was in NSW...she is a tireless traveller with an energy that puts me to shame. We met over sewing machines in Naples, Florida, a stunning part of the world. Judith is now accomplishing fantastic work with beading and Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and is inspiring me a little too much I have time to take on another pursuit?
Sadly, the Downunder from Upover trip will not happen this year. Let's blame the gods of too busy rather than the economy so we all feel OK about it.
And I was going to visit some of my favourite but unknown places....ahh, another day.
So blog #1 is done.One achievement at least!