Sunday, August 31, 2008

Toronto, H&H

Still in Toronto, had a fabulous day on a local city tour bus (one of those on/off numbers) slowly feeling less sick each day.
Went out to the islands, feted with a close up of the Toronto air show.
Off to Westport tomorrow, hoping to be well enough to finally eat something with real maple syrup on it!!
Have been well looked after by my Uncle in-law (husband's uncle) Herbert, and am staying right next to the St.Lawrence market with anoth really kind distant relative of Herb's and therefore me, Henry.
Don't know whether H&H is like M&Ms, but both are leaving me with a really good feeling.
I will certainly be back to Toronto again.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Greetings from Toronto where I arrived last Wednesday, towing a bug with me from Chicago.Sick, sick, sick!!!
Still recovering after throwing up for the last 4 way, but not the ideal way to lose weight!
I have a few schedule changes and am working at someone else's computer, so will put them here as well as the side bar

Buffalo NY is cancelled--such a short lead time proved too short, but it will happen next year.

North Carolina
22 September
Asheville Cotton Co 828 299 0888

23 September
Ann Olivers Sew & Vac
Clinton 910 592 8071

25 September
All Brands 804 270 1882

26 September
Berger Sewing 703 368 7169

27 September
Maryland Sew & Vac 301 856 7200

I will advise you if there are any other changes.
Off for an I'm not a Nana nap, just like to snooze

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another P word

Well, the party's over and time to call it a day from St.Louis. Off to Chicago next for some serious R&R before hitting the highlights in Canada.
Can't wait for some sleep and hoping my feet recover from days of concrete floors and walking miles.
Had one of my projects showcased for the Novi MI show (Huggy Shruggy), will keep you posted as to when to have a sneak preview. Today's class could have kept on going all week, so fantastic to get store owners and teachers to play with some of my arty techniques. If you see me on my travels I will be showing some of this.
Once more, off to rest the feet and restore the eyeballs to normal

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are we there yet?

I cannot believe just how fast the week has last day ( and a full day class at that) tomorrow, ff to Chicago for a few days to sleep!!!! Oh, and to wash my clothes and undies.
I am not sleepimg especially well, with my brain being overfull with stimulation each day: much better than being too empty though I suppose.
I am really not even making sense to myself, off to fade into the bed again

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bungy Jumping brain

Well, day 2 of teaching is over: my brain is jumping with too many ideas, my legs are complaining about concrete floors and walking miles to get to my room.
Computer hassles plaguing me: cannot get out on my email at times, maybe it's just me being too tired to concentrate, or maybe I am just computer challenged.
Some really great new products coming down the system: great long arm quilting machine, new sewing machine (TOL),threads galore.
Networking and socializing are also fantastic--great to catch up with lots of old friends and make more new ones.
I am fading off to bed, will get some photos off to y'all soon

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet me in St.Louis....

Have been in St.Louis for Babylock Tech now since Wednesday (Aus and US time...weird, eh?).
Had my first class, went down well with everyone wearing their "Huggy Shruggy" out of the class and lots of variations. Mmmm...even more ideas for me.
Tired +++...the guy in he next room was noisy from 4am and while I am good at burning the candle at both ends, I am getting cranky if I am woken up when my body is telling me to sleep. Working tomorrow p.m. so can sleep in a litlle, still have more kits to prepare
Off to slee, catch you all soon with more than tired rambling

Thursday, August 14, 2008

St.Louis, Missouri

In my absolutely befuddled brain, working in 2 timezones currently, I am in beautiful St.Louis, Missouri. It is a bit humid but otherwise perfect, small but welcoming city, easy to walk around.
After all that effort (notched up 10,0000 steps by 2pm) am off to have a nana nap.
BTW, my e-books are up and running and I have my first order (even if it is a test run by Kay and Paul, my techno web designer friends!!).
When I can focus better, I will check it out properly myself!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Whatever is not done now will be left behind as I fly out to the US.
I am trying to get my hubby to call into a shop so I can get a green and gold wig, Aussie flag and perhaps a lycra body suit so I can support the Olympians in my own special way...on second thoughts, having a look at my body, forget the wig (HAHAHA)
Will talk to you next from St. Louis Missouri.
Check out the new e-books (if they are not quite up yet, give it a day or 2) at

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The P word

I was telling a friend, Lyn Kenny, the other day ( just how much behind I was and she told me there were 2 "P" words to consider. Mine/ours--procrastination--and hers, panic!
I did not even need to adopt the word into my library, I already have it lurking and loitering with intent!
Do I sound as panicked as I feel?
I was happily poodling along, thinking I had finally some end in sight when I realized there was a whole day of work that I had not crossed off my 'to do' list...Capital PPPPPPP's started flashing before my eyes (or is that just fatigue?)
Back to work again

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Art of Procrastination

I am sure I am not the only one...putting off what I should be doing, wasting/spending time at anything else other than what I need to be doing.
Is that why they created blogs?
I think I am in avoidance territory, when it really looms large as just how much more I have to do before I leave.
I'm rationalizing that by convincing myself that I am trying to keep up my bloggerspondence so that I won't forget how to do this newly acquired skill.
Off to stitch via having my eyelashes tinted and my eyebrows pruned up a bit: they have the tendency to get a bit Groucho Marx, not a good sight for those on the side that looks at me.
My mantra today is "I must stop wasting time"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Last minute productions

I know, I shouldn't complain, but I really do need another day in the week, another week in the month and fewer ideas to explore as I get down to the nitty-gritty for my upcoming US trip.

Let me know if having my "Where's Anne?" on my blog works or do I need it on the web page? Still trying to learn when my brain is already overfull and it is actually not about me, but about your convenience.

You know it's down to the wire when I have my hairdresser's appointment the day before I fly out even though I tried to get it on my day of departure: my hairdresser said he could not fit my luggage in the salon with me...oh, and he wouldn't open up at 7a.m. either! That's how I travel with textiles!!!!!!
I always say, however, that I do deserve the people I know

Back to the other work

Friday, August 1, 2008

Learning Curves

I thought I had enough of my own curves, but have had a few steep learning ones in the last few weeks!
Learning to create a blog is just another one of them--why didn't I do it before? (DAH--Probably because I couldn't until today!)
Took a day off to play with my extremely talented friend Trisha today: she is weaving scarves with her new knitting loom and introducing me to a tool I think I am already secretly lusting after. And we had a party to celebrate the horses birthday, August 1 (Australia--?? same date anywhere else) with balloons, party hat, cake and candle.
I truly deserve the people I know!
I realize too that I need a clone: someone who will do all the stuff that is seriously lacking as I start packing and finalizing my trip to the US. Or I need another 48 hours in the day and another 2 days in the week.
Anyway, busy +++ at the moment.
Will see if this comes up on my show off page.
BTW, I am tickled pink with purple spots at the way my new website is developing. ( Let me know what you think. And thanks to Kay and Paul for their patience and expertise as they design it.
Ooroo for now