Sunday, March 29, 2009

Down to the wire

Have been sitting out the electrical storms, new modem and working out last minute technical sewing challenges.
I thought I had my Art to Wear nailed and then I tried the outfit on a mannequin (courtesy of my local shoe shop, Foot of the Mountains) in Glenbrook, my local shopping centre.
If you've ever been in a store filled with women with something on display, you will realize that 15 different ideas and opinions are directed at you --all at once!
However, I realized I had a draping/technical issue with the "Outer Limits" (my entry for Art to Wear) and have subsequently made a simple top to go under the garment, re-fashioned the straps and am undecided about the petticoat to perhaps go under it. I think I have only 2 more seams to stitch, trim all the loose threads and then press it all. And still no photos yet. However, I think I could have sold the outfit then and there to some of the ladies and I am going to re-work all the panels into separate garments later on.
However, it is to be delivered for (professional) photography on Tuesday, so there are no more chances or excuses for not getting finished. I think.

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