Monday, June 22, 2009

Guest Host and Tour Guide

Cryptic clues uncovered!
News Item #1
I am Guest Host on the Yahoo groups Creative Machine Newsletter, a group of dedicated stitchers in an online forum first started by Robbie Fanning and then continued for a while under the umbrella of Threads magazine. It has been going for some years and if you want info, answers, stimulation or just to sit back quietly and read about lots of 'things' sewing, this may be a group for your consideration. This week is my chance to serger-cally enhance the group.
News Item #2
Next year I am going to be the Australian tour leader for some of you from the Northern Hemisphere. We will have a strong focus on all things textile as well as entertaining any of the men folk who come along. The tour covers lots of the scenic highlights but also goes off the beaten track and takes in countryside not normally covered in a traditional tour. You are all being given 'first dibs' for info.
This is in association with
Downunder Travel Toronto
Registration opens August 1st, 2009
Phone: 1-888-642-1630
Fax: 416-642-1634
and (Jo-Anne)
Contact either Jo-Anne or Stephanie for more details

Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Week next week!

Just letting you all know in advance that next week will be a busy one with things International happening. Not meaning to sound too cryptic, all will be revealed Monday (Northern Hemisphere) time.
I'll just say think about talking to me or coming to play with ...all will be revealed soonish.
Have shaken off most of the lurgy except for the cough: I think I must be keeping whole households awake overnight at the moment. All in all though, feeling so much better. Nothing like most of the week in bed (again!!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glad there's no camera

I am still battling the lurgy I got at last week's show: runny nose, sore throat and raspy voice...definitely not attractive!
I have 5 metres of the most beautiful lightweight wool to create a garment for a magazine article, due by early July: I have so many ideas I could use 50 metres, but the way I feel at present, 5 metres may be 4 too many. Back to find some inspiration and more importantly, energy

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Craft and Quilt Fair

I have just surfaced from the Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour in Sydney where I was at the Art to Wear exhibition all week, answering questions on behalf of many interstate artists unable to attend as well as endeavouring to stop people from touching wearable garments, an almost impossible feat! It was themed "Black and White, cocktail, elegant", with the emphasis on construction and finish.
Wow, has the bar been lifted this year: I think we will be in a dilemma next year with the judges having a really high level of artistry and attention to detail and more candidates than available mannequins or space.
This exhibition is under the umbrella of the NSW Quilters' Guild, Australia's largest guild: any member of the Guild can enter into this juried exhibition (just giving you all a heads up for next year).
Images of the work will be posted on the website in the next couple of weeks, I will post a link so you can drool over the work.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Advertising hoarding on my forehead

I think I must have a blank space on my forehead at the moment that says "whatever it is, give it to Anne"
Came back from Brisbane...interesting new show...went to the back to back challenge and came home on Sunday night (last week) with a raging sore throat, runny nose and eyes and all that jazz. Just asking myself whether it was swine or sheep flu! Anyway, have tried to keep myself out of the action by staying at home and predominantly in bed! My interesting year continues.
I will be in Darling Harbour from Wed-Sun, with the Art to Wear component of the Quilters' Guild. Have seen many of the images...WOW, they look fantastic. Come over and say hello while you are down there