Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why did I start?

You know how it is...the more you do, the more you need to do! Why did I ever start to clean up? I think I am now further behind than when I started and having decided that I was going like a bull at a gate, I thought I should focus on one room at a time.
I have. Our bedroom is now the tidiest it has been in years.
There is still stuff all over the dining table, and I am becoming an even better procrastinator than usual with regard to cleaning and tidying up the stash. And I haven't forgotten photos and newsletters, it is just that I am sorting them out (emails) so that it does not register as spam, and the images so that they are not too big. I am trying to work it out myself so that I can problem solve if needs be when I am travelling.
I have also been organizing my goodies for Forum in Orange. This is fantastic for those who can get to it, am adding the link so you can check it out yourselves
This was the place that really converted my brain from formal to feral.

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