Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On and off the air

Sorry about the intermittent blogs this week: I have been having more medical treatment for my shoulder and I am sure you all understand just how time wasting some of that process can be. I am more functional after massage, ultrasound and continuing pain relief. And of couse, I have been told not to use my right I am right handed, that is truly impossible.
My F.I.L. has been in the medical wars this week with more radiotherapy and we have been a bit busy there too.
I am off to Orange for Textile Fibre Forum this week where I am doing a camera course. I changed from the original stitching class I was going to do as I hurt too much doing even simple things for too long and thought I could cope with the photo class. Time will tell.
Where I am staying, on a friend's property, is not always DSL friendly:for those of you not from Australia, telephone (Mobile phone) and computer coverage can be less than satisfying once you are away from a large city with little or no reception at times.
I will blog if and when I can, but will be back fully on the 26th.

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