Sunday, April 12, 2009

I did it again

Missing in action again after an overactive morning walk. I have been trying to ramp up some kilometres and walk a number of times a week, sometimes with my husband, often on my own as his 25 cm height difference translates to longer legs and bigger steps than I can keep up with.
It had rained overnight, but was clear and beautiful when I walked the other morning when I once again inelegantly (??) went head over turkey on some slippery ground and braced my fall with my right hand, hurting my right shoulder once again. Heavy duty painkillers and rest once more.
I have always had a tendency to clumsiness, seems it is manifesting itself more often than I care for.
I have to keep the walking up: our son is going to complete his academic (Arts degree, already has finished his Science degree) studies in China (he speaks, reads and writes Mandarin fluently) and we promised to walk the Great Wall with him. It is apparently 10km of undulating walk with 2 flights of steps in the section he is taking us to. The 'surprise' bit is at the end...keep walking up hill and down dale or get on a flying fox across a river. I don't like heights at all, but have promised that I will do it with him as a tandem 'fly'. Keep your fingers crossed for my shoulder! Will let you know when that is happening, much later in the year I think.

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