Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our anniversary yesterday (27 years): I had instructions to be ready to go out at 5pm, dress good casual.
My hubby had researched and found an Indian/Sri Lankan restaurant for us in Homebush (Sydney). We ate well, went down both marriage memory lane as well as travel memory lane with the food. Ate till our stomachs touched the table (well, it seemed like that anyway!) for the princely sum of...wait for it...$22.00. We checked, but that was the right price. Called Janani, on the southern side of Homebush station.
Also found a store selling saris (on sale) from Chennai, in the street parallel to the railway line, also on the southern side. I think I might start doing railway line eating from now on!!! This was in the dark, so I am sure there are bargains galore to be discovered in the daylight too

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