Saturday, September 5, 2009

O.I.C....Only in China

Back last Thursday from China: have spent the last couple of days with family and ordinary things such as buying food! And planning and preparing for our daughter's 21st birthday celebrations.
China...WHAT a place. Our Mandarin speaking (reading/writing too) son Dirk made a potentially challenging country so simple for us. I cannot believe his skills and patience, translating back and forth for us and our Chinese acquaintances. And just how much fun we had as an unlikely family troupe (age-d parents/independent travellers)
First stop, Just my hubby and I on a boat cruise down the Yiangtze river. We flew to Beijing then directly to Chongqing (pronounced Chong Ching) to see the 3 gorges and dam inspiring! The river is immense, the rate and scope of building astonishing and if anyone has doubts about China becoming the economic juggernaut of the world, just go there! Modern roads everywhere! And the scenery...powerful combo plus the fabulous people we met on board. Going through 4 of the 5 lochs is astounding too.
Will continue the China Saga over the next few days as I don't want to clog the arteries of the blog with too much too soon!

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