Monday, September 7, 2009

More OIC

Finally left the south...known as one of China's cauldrons with very good reason, and flew to Beijing to meet up wth our son.
We stayed in traditional 'suburb' of Beijing in a hutong in a non-tourist area of town. Local food and shops, walking distance to Tian An Men square...what a place. Big in all senses of the word...wide majestic streets and busy and bustling even at midnight.
Off to the Forbidden City our first day in Beijing...we didn't realize that 4 million people (or so it seemed) would be there at the same time!!!!!!!!!! Crowds, heat and crowds and heat...not my favourite combo at the best of times. Went walking to escape the crush, seemed my legs were walked off up to my knees that day. But the food.....I am ruined for Chinese food outside China now.
More tomorrow

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