Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jig Saw Year

Well, the puzzle that is my year of 2009 continues. I had an unplanned trip to Canberra with ATASDA, assisting them with their travelling display, then rapidly off to Melbourne and back, seeing family.
It was eerie as we went through the horrendously burnt areas of Kinglake, as we returned to Sydney via Yea: the last time we were through was 2 days after my mother's funeral and 2 days before the firestorm. We drove through fog with the burned, naked trees looking like a forest of ghosts. The countryside everywhere was beautiful, lush and green, perhaps telling a few fibs about just what is happening to the land at the moment.
We are off to China tomorrow evening to visit our Madarin speaking son who will be a perect tour guide. Perhaps a chance to relax and gather all the marbles I've dropped this year

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