Sunday, September 13, 2009

Party and Tianjin

Ahh, another child successfully off our hands and into adulthood: great party/meal at Emad's Lebanese restaurant in Cleveland street, Surry Hills (NSW). Spectacular chocolate cake from Chockers in Vaucluse courtesy of long time fabulous cake maker Briar Toose. Spectacularly unwell on Saturday and part of Sunday...too old for long night sessions now I think.
Meanwhile, back in China, we caught a fast train to the 4th largest city in China, Tianjin, a port/industrial/university town south of Beijing. These fast trains go from 6am until 11pm, leaving every 10 minutes...yes, every 10 minutes! And the cost? About 10.00 Aussie dollars...the Chinese realize that they can only grow the road system so far and are really rapidly developing their public transport system. And the more public transport they build, the cheaper it becomes...perhaps a lesson for all of us.
We just hung around and had a really laid back time in Tianjin...out to dinner with a whole lot of student's, our son's professor/private tutor, his mother...another spectacular fun filled evening, so cheap (12 people, too much food, yes, lots of beer) around 40.00 Aussie dollars for absolutely everything. The Prof says our son Dirk is the best student he has ever had...where did that lazy high school kid disappear too?
Next....Inner Mongolia

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