Friday, September 18, 2009

Inner Mongolia...still

We ate at a Chinese 'chain' for lunch (3pm mind you) and I admired our very young waitresses hair band: it was immediately taken off her head and presented to me! Our son has written to the restaurant group thanking her for her kindness...all employees have a staff number, a truly good idea. And the food we had was spectacular once more....wish we had chain food as good as this in my hometown. My China trip sounds like an adventure for foodaholics and I truly think it could be such a trip for serious foodies.
Big siesta and very late dinner finished our last full day in Inner Mongolia.
Before we flew out we went to an ancient temple and then an amazing modern arts museum/precinct. Hopefully the Chinese will not destroy all their history in the name of progress. Back to another amazingly modern airport: we were early for our flight and unlike anywhere else I have been, they readily changed our very cheap priced tickets for seats on the earlier flight!!!!!!
Very mixed feeling when we got back to Beijing and our son went back to TianJin and we caught our cab to the city for our last 2 days

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