Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still transferring data

Taking my time to transfer old files and programmes to the new computer. And I have a new iPhone to learn at the same time. I was wondering why I did all this at the same time (got new equipment) and the tax man had a lot to do with it! Bought the package for tax benefits...but it also taxes my brain at the same time too! I believe all these challenges help stave off dementia though, so there is always an upside to techno-idiocy.
I have a new Great nephew...congrats Aarron and Peta for the beautiful Eamon Jack. My hubby and I are practicing at being Great Aunties and Uncles. So nice to have some cheery news and a new baby in the family! And the new phone already proved its worth when I received a photo as well as me sending an email of feeling very pleased with my newly acquired skills, shoo to old age.

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