Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not raining, pouring!

You know the old saying it doesn't rain but it pours...happening in this neck of the woods at the moment!
My FIL is in extremely poor health and we have had a lot of running around to do for he and my MIL...yes, the kids just leave and the natural progression to caring for the older folk just happens. As it is probably meant to be in the natural order of things.
I was busy last week as Guest Host with Creative Machine Newsletter: an interesting range of questions (if you are a Yahoo Groups member, you can check old posts) that will be incorporated into my newsletter. I am still surprised after all this time that so few people play with their overlockers/sergers as I do!
I am between computers at the moment, not on the Internet yet on the new one, will happen soon. Still working on my old (not so reliable computer): my computer gurus are between new homes/work spaces, so the newsletter is on its way but slowly, and now with a much better format and focus...just like the shampoo add, it may not happen overnight, but it will happen!
Apology also...I am going back through my history of those who have purchased e-books recently...seems that I need to e-send them manually at the moment until we work out how they are e-shipped upon receipt of payment. I am going through the orders to confirm who has or has not received their books. let me know if you have had an issue please.
I have also decided to blog only a couple of times a week at best. My life is so out of my control with family at the moment, that an absolute daily blog guarantee is just not possible.
Catch you all later

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