Thursday, September 11, 2008

Planes, airports and travelling &&*^*(&^*&^&

Have been to Charlotte NC and back to Cleveland, then back through Charlotte into Fort Walton Beach FL. Petrol/gas stations are being besieged by people making sure they have enough fuel to get out of Ike's way if necessary...many are out of all fuel and it has gone up a dollar a gallon today.
I am in the lap of the Gods and I know all the folk at Ruth Barnhill's where I am for the next few days will be praying for me, the weather and the success of the event, though I am not sure in which order!
Have read a lot in airports with flying delays: I need to get out and get some needles and yarn for a bit of variety.
If you have a chance, get to Ruth's for a couple of big days and lots of special offers...hope to meet some of you 'blogees'

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