Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old Town

Last day of programmes in the US beore I fly out to England tomorrow on my way home. So wet (and cold) in Virginia I bought a coat...a great look with strappy sandals, but who cares about the look after a certain age. I just know I am too old for the dripping wet and attractive look.
It has been a full and fantastic programme, and looks like I will be winging my way over here again a few times next year.
Off to throw out any accumulations of stuff in my suitcase: tell you what, that gets really tired, hauling 2 suitcase and a computer. Never again...ONE suitcase only from now on.
Had a damp but terrific look around Virginia's Old Town...another bookmarked place to spend some time rather than glimpses. Suppose the theme would be "Take me back to old Virginia..."

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