Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blogger behind

Had a great (v.v. busy) time in Cleveland with Jan from Pins and Needles...what an energizer bunny she is, with more programs ready to roll out in the next 2 weeks.
Flew the (?????) friendly skies from Cleveland via Washington DC to Charlotte N. Carolina. Small plane and we had to wade through 5 inches of water and pounding rain to get off the plane, and repeat the joy after a few hours delay. Wet, miserable and tired, of course, no luggage arrived with me. For the baggage charge United are now charging, the service is really diminishing. Airports are far from happy places to be at most of the time.
Will amend that a little--the couple I sat next to were great and the hubby went off to have a drink: he asked if we would like one and me being cheeky, said , yes, a margherita to go. Be careful what you wish for! Made the wait a little more fun though.
Catch up with y'all later

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