Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it's off to the airport we go.......

The last big sleep has been and gone, we are off to the airport for yet another flying marathon.
8 hours to Singapore, 2.5 hour stopover before we depart at 2.30 in the morning to arrive in Delhi at 5.55 am on a 5.5 hour, my maths is not that bad, allow for the multiple time zones and changes.
We have culled (or is it killed??) the amount of clothing we are taking in our back packs:while we are not really ageing hippies, carrying or pulling suitcases is hard work and a real pain-packs give us free hands. Seems ludicrous, but more of the weight of the bags consists of some books, Lonely Planet India and Sri lanka guides, power adaptors, mobile phones, camera, anti-bacterial gel and wipes, sunscreen, tropical strength insect repellant, anti-biotics, anti-diarrhoea and anti-vomiting medication...we reckon our bags weigh less than 10 kgs each, and we both still think we are carrying too much!
As we usually do, we will probably end up 'donating' any excess to fellow travellers on the road. For now, au revoir, auf wiedersehn, ciaio, hasta la vista, 再见,hoo roo

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