Friday, August 1, 2008

Learning Curves

I thought I had enough of my own curves, but have had a few steep learning ones in the last few weeks!
Learning to create a blog is just another one of them--why didn't I do it before? (DAH--Probably because I couldn't until today!)
Took a day off to play with my extremely talented friend Trisha today: she is weaving scarves with her new knitting loom and introducing me to a tool I think I am already secretly lusting after. And we had a party to celebrate the horses birthday, August 1 (Australia--?? same date anywhere else) with balloons, party hat, cake and candle.
I truly deserve the people I know!
I realize too that I need a clone: someone who will do all the stuff that is seriously lacking as I start packing and finalizing my trip to the US. Or I need another 48 hours in the day and another 2 days in the week.
Anyway, busy +++ at the moment.
Will see if this comes up on my show off page.
BTW, I am tickled pink with purple spots at the way my new website is developing. ( Let me know what you think. And thanks to Kay and Paul for their patience and expertise as they design it.
Ooroo for now

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