Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Festive Season

Doesn't the year just gallop at this time (and has the horse bolted?)
We are having Christmas breakfast with our daughter and her partner...she has taken the reigns this year (keeping to the equine flavour of the post) and then we are home alone!
Our son is in China still studying post grad, but now looking for work in Shanghai. The outlaws are all involved with their immediate offspring and the upspring (my MIL) is going interstate.
I plan to sit down for a long read, some snoozing, and having a languid day overall.
This and the next week are consumed with 'must catch up before Xmas' events. Why, oh why don't we spread the cheer a little further over the year before I start my bah humbug feeling?
For all those celebrating whatever...enjoy the moment. And from me and mine to you and yours, have a good and safe time. And share a happy thought with me and those around you.

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