Saturday, August 14, 2010

Challenges of one kind and another

Am backing up all my computer files at the moment before I have a new one installed. Am going back to a desk top with 2 monitors this time so that I can get up and racing in new software and drawing programmes, in preparation for more  professional eBooks.

What a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!   Cleaning up my current workspace has unearthed some now vintage software: did I really buy Encyclopaedia Britannica on disc? And boxes of floppy discs and an external disc drive.

I won't admit to some of the other stuff I have! I was looking at just what pre dated Google and how astonishingly far we have come technologically in such a short time.

If I am unavailable or eBooks are ordered, bear with me until I work out what's what.

URGHHHHHHHHH...why do I do it to myself?

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