Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here today, gone tomorrow

Yes, the willow-the-wisp is back after being missing in action most of October, consumed with finishing up estates and all the other things that must be attended as the family baton is being passed to the next generation. It is quite a consideration being in the 'frontline' now.
I have been also involved at a committee level (shades of last man standing syndrome) with ATASDA, the fantastic textile group I belong to
and am off to Adelaide tomorrow as part of the ATASDA team promoting textiles at the Exotica exhibition. Hence the title of this blog. Come and say 'hello' if you are going to be at the Adelaide showgrounds over the duration of the show (Thurs-Sun).
After all that, at it with a vengeance when I return to Sydney next week.
I am staying with my lovely old aunt...I don't think she has either a computer or the internet, so I will be missing in action for a little while yet.

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