Saturday, December 6, 2008


Will type this as it comes as the keys are jamming: we are in Hampi Bazaar (check it out via Google)today, came via Tuk Tuk from Hospet where we are staying , an amazing world heritage area, full of big rocks for Phil--reckon it is only fair as I have had a look at my fair share of old frocks!
Arrived from Hubli, took a car and driver for the princely sum of Australian $60-ish dollars. At times it was like being in the Aussie countryside with wheat growing and gum trees on the side of the road.
We are doing a Hampi tour tomorrow so we actually understand what we are seeing today, but thankfully not staying in this highly touristy place, full of backpackers--the youthful ones. We are also backpacking but not doing 1 to 2 star accommodation...our driver in Delhi referred to us as aged (pronounced as age-ed) on the way to the airport, so we are now referring to one another as age-ed wife or age-ed husband. Does this mean that we now have falls rather than falling over?
Love the country, though everyne is suffering from the scourge of terrorism and there have been alleged airline hijack threats so security is really ramped up. We are travelling on our first train tomorrow night, to Bangalore, an overnighter, sharing with ?? whom. Will keep you posted
The food is fabulous, we are mowing our way through all the local stuff, much to the amazement of some of the locals who keep trying to sell us omelettes!!!
Talk to you whenever

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